Construction Management


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pdficon_smallCapability Statement – Construction Management

  • Public Works
  • Utilities Improvements
  • Private Developments

CP&E provides responsive, cost‐effective construction management services designed to exceed our client’s expectations. We achieve positive results by monitoring ongoing details every step along the way. As construction managers, we ensure that construction measures up to the quality of the design while simultaneously managing risk and controlling costs through good planning, coordination, and control from inception to project completion. As the owner’s representative, CP&E directs and coordinates all the activities of the construction documents, entitlements, and construction. All communications among the owner, contractors, and design team are funneled through CP&E to guarantee quick, efficient decision‐making and a single source of accountability.

CP&E’s construction managers assist clients by:

  • reviewing documents for constructability;
  • managing the bid and award process;
  • optimizing strategies for procurement;
  • overseeing schedule and construction coordination;
  • maintaining construction document files;
  • monitoring progress and ensuring compliance with plans and specifications;
  • preparing field reports;
  • facilitating change orders and requests for information;
  • tracking and controlling construction costs against project budgets;
  • ascertaining quality assurance and control;
  • coordinating and communicating with owners, trade contractors, vendors, architects, and engineers; and,
  • closing out projects and document turnover.

We ensure that construction measures up to the quality of the design. On the front-lines, we are proactive in resolving, clarifying, and facilitating the most optimal process in accordance with project schedules and contract documents. Our staff is continually on-site inspecting materials, identifying issues, and facilitating communication to ensure that contractor obligations are executed well from start to finish.